Valkyrie of Velois

The Days of Deaths
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2001-11-25 16:29:42 (UTC)

The days end

I have been pondering yet again. Why do I ponder so?
Well I hvae been atempting to clean my room and trying to
rearange it so it looks bigger. Seriously. I use all this
eye-line junk to figure out where to put all my stuff to
make my room appear large. It actually works. I also use
this technique when I clean my room and I really do not
want to. I clean the areas that the eyes are drawn to and I
put things where the eyes will not be drawn to notice. It
actually is probally harder than cleaning my room but it is
so fun to do and to figue out.
I am in a very unhappy mood today. Suicide. How nice.
When the day I finally find some Yew at the end of that day
I will be dead. Yew is poisonous you know and you can not
tell you are going to die until the very end when you start to
gasp, according to my sources, it is nicer than the other
poisonous plants which cause nervous system damage
and other unpleasant sideaffects which might result in
you getting saved... It also takes only one to three hours
to work. What a nice plant. But not until the dayI find it will
I do so, not until and no sooner or later.