Life Is Peachless
2001-11-25 16:08:23 (UTC)

i feel so much better about myself. ;_;

well today i just ended the friendship between me and my
best friend- for the past 11 years may i add. i feel
actually really good about it. its a burden off of me. and
one more onto her trying to fix this. i realy hate her. i
mean really. and all of my friends hate her for only using

the only time she would call me is when cathy-my friend-
isnt home or my other friend lisa isnt home and shes bored.
now if i never introduced chrissy to cathy my friendship
could have been over alooooong time ago. we dont need
eachother any more so shes gonna have to get over it.
because i am over it. and i dont care about what any of
her "new friends" have to say about it. or her old friends
at that. because i am her old friends. i am one of the best
friends she will ever have. or ever did have. and she
ruined it. and im not gonna try and fix it no more. there
is no need to. she had me when we really needed each other.
and i realize now that she never really was my friend. and
i shouldnt be talking about it because now i wanna cry. but
i wont. and so its over between us. she can have her "new
friends" and i will have mine. we will go on our own way.
and that is that. there is no more. bye chrissy