A Hippie's Thoughts......
2001-11-25 15:27:52 (UTC)

biG day...

*Happy 18th Missy*
*Happy 14th Meghan*
*Happy 18th Anniversary Mom & Dad*

Well Today....As u can see ^^^^^^^^^^^ is kinda big~
Its my parents anniversary, One of my Old Best Friend's
Meghan Radcliff's Birthday, and My ***FAVORITE*** Cousin
Melissa (Or Missy)'s **18tH** birthday!!

My sister is up and its only 10:25!!!! I am so
shocked, she usually would be sleeping for another 4 hours
or something.

I didnt go shopping yesterday, I wanted to, but I
didnt. But We took back this digital camera that my dad had
picked out, because I didnt even have all of the stuff with
it, so we got this REALLY cool one. its awesome. and I got
a neeewwwwww phone!!!!!!!! Im soo glad because mine was
starting to be a piece of crap~

So I'm ClosinG..theres nothing else 2 say~