.Scream Your Dream.

Emo Violence
2001-11-25 14:32:25 (UTC)

last night

so the show was pretty cool, i had a good time, really i
did, i did the door, and i always like that, my freinds
came over and were with me almost the entire time, which is
always great. zac made decent $ which im very happy about,
cause hes doin another show next frday and if this didnt go
well, he would be aprehensive about teh 30th, which i made
a can drvie by the way so we win the saves the day
contest. othernews, last night was cool, but clint was
fuckin misearble i didnt see him smile once, he looked on
the verge of tears the entire time, he found out,
lastnight, that rachel, his x-gf got engaged, and she just
got home from her like 6 month trip this weekend and she
was AT the show, of course, this would make anyone cry, but
clint's, by nature, emo. so you know what that means.
anyway we left and got icecream later and passed it around
with extra spoons, ah man, good ol days, it reminded be
about over a year ago at the wild child, passin
around "hepatitus" and whip cream on spoons. tim kaye is
playing next friday so that will be cool too, the
huntingtons also, i look forward to thta show, nothin
better come up, or ill cry. oh and last night, nick was
there, oh god, i hadnt seen nick since CHRIST OUR KING, adn
that was what, 8 months ago, fuck man, fuck, i forgot how
much i love this kid, just as i was about to leave he
pinned me against the wall and started biting my ear, oh
god, it was fuckin crazy, somone grabbed my arm and i left
(glowing), we came back with our ice cream and he was
gone. it was pretty story book. oh i also busted ass, i
was walkin around the three star crowd, to get to the
bathroom and i guess the ska kids were dancin and slone pit
kid flew into the crowd and i was knocked back and fell
backwards onto a chair, my back hit the seat of the chair
and my feet FLEW up real high, it looked very comical, but
i was pretty embarassed, it didtn hurt at all, but man i
looked dumb, hey i wanna go to west chester tody and buy
that STd album, im gonna call caitlyn up later.

still 2 more days to sleep in, what a perfectly deserved
and welcomed vacation, i love this so much, im getting shit
done and relaxing too.

will, he wants jim and i to work it out, to talk about
everything and have a group meeting and discuss this, i
dont know, i guess i would be ok with that, it would be
awkward i just dont want my temper to get out of control.
and look angry, i rather just talk to jim, without all the
others, i dont want to feel targeted or attacked.

ah well enough of that, family party tonight, emily isnt
going, i DID want to see her, i havent talked to her in
FOREVER and she hasnt seen my room in about a year, its
pretty decked out.

i looked rediculously emo last night and i loved it all, i
had the cuffs and the old school reeboks, a v neck sweater
and a blue collar shirt on underneath, sportin the crazy
ness short hair with pink and heart barrettes in, aw man,
it was makin me tear up.

i got a junior patch but dont know where it is, that makes
me feel dumb especialyl since clint offered me one and i
didnt take it cause zac gave me one.

by the way, zac's adorable, he really is, what a catch that
boy is. damn. mandy, this awesome girl i met last night
told me that he went out with a 350 lb. girl in elem,
school, haha, thats so cute, its funny cause zac is really
thin ya know, like clint sorta. ah well thats enough.
stay together for the kids came on the radio, this song is
srota played. yo, we gots to get Saves the day tickets
soon, or we wont get em.