A goth's adventures in New Orleans
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2001-11-25 12:20:22 (UTC)

Strange Dream

Gods, what a horrible hour to be gotten out of bed....

A bunch of us had moved down here. We were all broke from
the move, except for me, only because I found a job right
away. We were either squatting in, or owned this huge
house. The place was a dump, but no cockroaches. Some of
us were depressed, including my sister so I decided to
chear them up by talking up New Orleans. So we decide
to..... Commercial break, yes, my dream had a commercial
Later that night. Dusk is falling as we start the
concert. It's a street concert, the tension is starting to
build. The MC comes out and introduces the band, all
friends of mine (In the dream), all from different
backgrounds, different ages, etc... It's a punk band.
Where we got the costumes, I'll never know, but they are
ouragous, kinda Guar types of things. Cut to a scene in a
darkened room, some guy is talking to a lizard man. Lizard
man says, "But she's like me..." Cut back to the band, yes
one of the band members is actually a muntant, but the
lizard man passes her up and goes over to the girl dressed
in a lizard costume, one that is almost exactly like his
skin. They start kissing, a fight breaks out down the
street, but a cop sitting there breaks up the kissers, not
the fighters. Someone says, "He breaks them up, but lets
that go on...?"
Cut to a scene durring the day. J-Sun (yes, my actual
friend back in C/U) is depressed so some of us are talking
to him, I'm not. I'm throwing his clothing into a ceiling
fan to get them cought in it. It's working and
cockroatches are comming out. He doesn't know I'm doing
this, but only starts to smile when I show him what I've
done. I look at the pile of roatches scurring
away. "We'll never get rid of these things now."

My alarm goes off and I wake up. I warned you it was a
strange dream.

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