Expressions Of Myself
2001-11-25 12:15:48 (UTC)

Saturday, November 24th

Thanksgiving has come and gone. I worked, and believe it or
not, alot of people were very rude and seemed ungrateful on
such a special holiday. I think holiday make some people so
miserable for whatever reason it may be. But I also think
that if you're that way, you should stay at home. I had
more anger taken out on me that day than I'd care to deal
with again. Especially since I am out there working when I
could have been home with my family enjoying the time with
them. Just wish people had been a bit nicer that day is all.
Anyway, started to clean the house yesterday so I can begin
decorating next week. It's my favorite time of year. I will
get a tree in about a week or two as well. That's the best
Off to work today as usual. Will write more soon.