Crazy in Blue

Singing In the Rain or A downpouring
2001-11-25 09:52:24 (UTC)

Borderline Insanity

Yes, my life is forever changing. Today, Isiah drove up to
mich, to come get me to take me home. I wish he hadn't
come. Like really, he has an attitude, which usually is
fine, but he's being rather mean today, and my feelings are
a lil bit hurt, like for real. Then, i cooked all this
food, and it turned out soooo bad. It's like i can't do
anything right today. Plus, Nancy was with us,
like all fucking day, and then she is coming home with us
tomorrow. Got dammit, if i had wanted you there, once
again, i wouold have asked you. I hate when people do that
shit, just assume they are wanted everywhere, well you are
not gotdammit, you are not. Im going to bed, to cry myself
to sleep. I'll Holla Back