Teen life . . .
2001-03-28 16:29:11 (UTC)


ya know, i was reading someone's entries, and i noticed
that someone does have the same feelings as me, and i wonder if it is
possible to see the person you love, before you know the person you
love??? Is it even possible to KNOW the person you love, before you
meet the person you love???? sometime's i just wonder why i would
have some one so great in my life, some one to call me, someone to be
there, someone to help me when i fall, and someone to hold me up when
i feeling wonderfull . . . i mean, is it even possible to have
someone like that or am i dreaming of my life???????? i don't
understand what would drive someone to be there for me 100% . . . i
don't understand why someone would use their time to comfort me, to
bring me with them, to hold me up when i'm feeling good, and to just
be my Friend. well, i don't have to understand, i'm not even gonna
think bout it, but let it be what it is, hoping and praying that i
never lose it!!!!! well, i have tons and tons of stuff to write, but
i can't at this point in time, so i will just sound off for now and
then be back later to fulfill my wonders . . . i actually think this
does good for me to just talk to the net, i think i'm gonna call my
journal "Technet" just for some enjoyment . . . . . . later - - - -