Joshin Jane

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2001-11-25 09:04:38 (UTC)


so finally, the reunion we've been waiting a year for.
it's 3:45 in the morning and i'm listening to
dream world over and over again and i drank but i've been
straight all night and i just passed up an opportunity with
eric, and a certain two people haven't hooked up yet.
things just feel weird.

why aren't i strong enough to handle life on my own?
i'm just listening to jon's voice and crying and wishing i
was drunk or stoned or going for a three mile run, anything
to get away from reality.
i hate crying.
it weakens me.
i'm shivering and it's not just the alcohol or the
thermostat or the hugs, it's my heart.
my heart feels cold.
there's nothing surrounding it, there's nothing reinforcing
that, and it can't support itself.

[t-day reunion timetable]
9:35 pm becky comes into pton

8:40 am, matty comes into pton
10:10 am, train into new york
11:30 am, museum of natural history
1:00 pm, lunch at ray's
2:00 pm, amsterdam
3:00 pm, meet becky becky up at museum
4:00 pm, the big rock - call zach, play with mikey's hair
4:45 pm, danny's
5:15 pm, walk tess and becky becky down to cab
5:45 pm, leave danny's to go get dinner
5:45 - 8:15 pm, getting into queens and back......
8:30 pm, bacardi, side-street dealing
9:45 pm, train back to pton
10:45 pm, grocery shopping
11:15 pm, pick eric up in pton
11:30 pm, HOME EARLY

sometime before any godley hour, eating reeses ice cream
10:15 am, IT'S 11:30, LET'S GO!!!
11:45 am, Harry Potter
2:15 pm, lunch at mfair, bacon
3:15 pm, drop eric off at practice
3:45 pm, katie packs, sleepytime
4:30 pm, katie gets picked up
5:00 pm, more sleepytime, e-mail, showers
8:00 pm, dinner and a walk in pton
9:30 pm, renting at 4 star ("is stanley an all-girls' house? score!")
10:15 pm, home even earlier
10:30 pm on, watching movies and eating
11:00 pm, anita stops by

10:00 am, wakey
11:30 am, trying to pack, wasting pictures, spree, the spandex shirt
12:00 pm, matt and alex leave :-(
12:37 pm, train to new york, allie at the station
2:32 pm, train to pton/2:42 pm, train to albany
3:30ish pm, back in pton
9:00 pm, return movies.....

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