R. Gilley

The Confessions of a Good Man
2001-11-25 07:04:49 (UTC)


What is death to me? Beyond the vain illusions of a
religious haven, death means so much more than the end of
life. Death, when it is able to be realized, is a time of
reflection. One travels their own journey in life to come
to the end.

Is there anything after this life? No one knows for certain.
So let us not dwell on what might be, but on things as they
are. I believe that death and the whole process of dying is
our oppertunity to remember the lessons we have learned in this
life to better prepare ourselves and others for the lives
yet to be lived. It is true that there is no wiser man than
one who faces his own mortality. Volumes of philosophy and
religious practice have been born out of the realization of
one's death.

And when we die, what happens? Science states that we
biologically cease to be. Religion states that we continue
but not on this earth in this body. I state that both are
true and false at the same time. I believe that after we
physically die, we live yet on a different level. If we
have used our life to its fullest use, then we unite with
our Life Force. If we haven't used our life to its fullest
use, then we begin again in some form or another. We die
and cease to be, but we live and continue to grow and
mature. Yes, death is the end, but it is also the
beginning. I guess my ideas could be called Reincarnation,
but I don't like to label myself or my ideas.

I believe that *I* am called to walk a path of
enlightenment and once I have learned my lessons and
accomplished my tasks that I will be *enlightened.* After
that, my basic biology determines the end of my life. If I
die before my lessons and tasks are completed, then it is
all a part of a larger path and plan.

It is my job, in life and death, to continuously progess
towards my own enlightenment. This is where I differ with
others. Some think it is their duty to enlighten me. Their
spiritual traditions teach that in order for them to be
vindicated before their God, that they must convert me to
their thinking and path. Others think that my ideas on
enlightenment are plain bullshit and that there is no plan
or path to life. To these people, I respond with this. It
is their right to have an opinion and to express it, but
their opinions are not my truth.

My truth is that God has given me the ability and power to
choose my own path and then live it. If that path is not
popular or does not meet with approval of others,
then *screw them*, this is my life not theirs.

So with that said, it is my duty and purpose in life to do
those things that will put me in the place of quiet
reflection when the end of this journey nears.

Death will come, but life is now!

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