2001-11-25 06:20:37 (UTC)

A Year and a Month Ago........

My name is Trey and i found out about this online diary by
one of my teachers and i thought it would be a good idea to
start on myself. I also decided to put in on the public
because at times i need to look at someone's life and
problems to find answers and to also know that what i have
isnt that bad. Anyway about me i am 15 and have a
girlfriend that i love very much. Now you are probably
saying that love cant come to one at a younge age, but
listen to my story and you'll see that that philosophy is
all wrong. It all started a year and a month ago..... I had
to move to Wax. because of my dad's job and hated it so
much that i would have done anything to stay if it was
sleeping on the street, or to not sleeping at all. It was
awlful because i had lived there since i was 9 years old
and knew pretty much everyone and here i was moving at 14
years old going to a new place and starting over. Ill admit
it was hard. Almost to where i didnt think i could take it.
I had to say goodbye to many friends, many relatives, and
many strangers that was waiting to meet me. There i was the
day of the move and just finally tried to forget everything
that i knew and move hundreds of miles from my home to a
new one. When me, my brother, and my dad got to the new
house and settled in a little,i tried making new friends
and i did quickly. In fact so quickly i began to forget "my
home." The beginning weeks of school were great. I was
popular, and wanted by many girls. I had never felt or
experienced that before in my life. LIFE WAS GREAT! You
see, when you have been living in a place for almost your
whole life people dont get tired of you but not interested
because you know this person and what they are like and
used to seeing them all the time. Well Im in band and start
having many many many practices after school there i met a
girl named Kim. I could tell, along with many other people,
that she was out to get me and she was. So me being
foolish, fell into her "trap." So i decided to go out with
her. Four days later she decided that she didnt like me
anymore and wanted a 21 year old over me. We didnt get back
together since.But there is nothing that i would regret
about her or anything else. Because without her i would
have never learned what i do now. That was we all need
someone for each other to be with forever. Thanks Kim. Ya i
liked her alot i think every one did at one time. No one
knows what it is but you dont ever feel it anymore after
she dumps you. This happens to alot of guys. Mabye she'll
find someone worth keeping. Now that i was over her, i
thought of someone who tried keeping me an kim
together....Ciera.....i thought long and hard about her and
even tried talking to her but her guard dog (catrina) tried
very hard that me and Ciera had no future. To this day i
dont know why. But i persued on despite how rude and
hateful guard dog was to me. Until one day i finally got
the balls to E-mail her and ask if it was ciera when i knew
it was. She didnt know who it was because all it said
was, "Is this Ciera _____?" She said yes on the next day on
the e-mail she gave me. There it all started. Little did i
know what i was getting into for the best. This was about
to be the best thing that ever happend to me. This is only the
beginning and would have never thought what is going to be instore
for me later on......