2001-11-25 05:35:36 (UTC)


GO UNION YELLOW JACKETS!!!!! Third consecutive State
Championship game...let's see how it goes....Saturday,
December 1, 2001. Let's see if we can win it three years
in a row. Good luck Uncle Mike and the team!!! Okay,
that's where I just got back from was a very very rainy,
cold, windy, miserable football game that ended with the
score Union 6, Greer 0....GO UNION!!! My Uncle Mike is
head coach and we went in support of him and his team!!!

Okay enough of that...the rest of my day was spent
decorating our house for Christmas and working on my
Christmas gifts. So a pretty unhappening day for me, but
it was nice to relax and enjoy everything at home. To be
honest this is going to be a short entry cause I'm
tired....I will write again sometime soon!!!! Goodnight!!!