All in the Night
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2001-11-25 05:07:01 (UTC)


OMG, if you want to see completee and total chaos go to the
mall on the day after Thanksgiving....better yet get a job
and work there for 10.25 hours. I think that people get
less caring and more vicious every year. I was working the
register today and of course Old Navy had to have some
promotion going on which caused a hell of a lot of
inconvience, and i got told off by like 5 people. I mean
this one lady was yelling at me and smreaming for a magaer
b/c she couldn't get $5 off a $19 puchase when the thing
said it had to be $25 or more. Agh, get a life people
Anyways, i am so tired i think i could die!
Oh i have another thing i'd like to say. No matter
how much someone bitches and complains about the things you
do, or the way you are, don't change just to make that
person happy. If you change just to please them then
you'll end up not being happy and resent them for making
you that way. And Andrew, you're really not vain or
mean...i love you just the way you are
i'm out everybody! Goodnight