Fazzy's Memoires....
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2001-11-25 04:33:48 (UTC)

Friday !!

Well today was a relaxing day, i cleaned out my room,
talk to friends on Icq.. I also played a bit of everquest
since no one was on Icq... Played my level 53 Magician.. I
love him... Fazzy Wabbithugger.. :)

I just got disconnected when we where forming up to go
inside Kael. So instead of relogging i decided to drop by
Icq and see who's on.. Only 1 sweet girl is on..
Christy.. :)

Got some news, got a call from my sister telling me that
a friend of mine called home and that where he works, they
are hiring.. so tomorow morning i'm hopping on the bus and
will go check it out.. hopefully i can get the hjob... i
need money...

So tomorow i'm leaving for Chelmsford, where i spent 25
years of my life.. :) I'll most likely spend the day there
with my family.. :)

I'm concerned about something... My eating habits... I've
got to start eating better, cause lately i have beeen
passing days where i eat barely nothing... Like today i ate
a Tv dinner... that's it... hehe kinda pathetic buts
theres nothing here to eat.. :(

If i dont get the chance to talk to you tomorow Christy,
i wish you a goood day.. :)

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