sexypeople only ,,,, my life
2001-11-25 04:33:36 (UTC)

well today was exiting (NOT)

well, today i went to my best friend liz's and chilled
there tell 2:00 then went to my best friend nicole's house
and we chilled there i took a shower (SEXY), i got dressed
did my hair and wen out side by that time it was 3:30 and
nicole asked her mom if we could go to the mall she said no
wal nicole was doing that i was getting my nails paited and
then nicole comes in say we can't go lindsay says y not she
says i dunno y don't u ask her, she said ok hold up... soo
there little sister jenna she is 11 she was singing and i
was stop it and she goes shut up and i was like don't tell
me to shut up you whore and she shut up and i was like
thats what i thought and then we called matt and he friends
sam and thgey said they were comming over soo we went
outside to wait for them whail we were waiting we went
across the street to dan's house (HOTTIE)and i was sk8te
boreding around the block and doing all these tricks and
then jenna come out of there house and i was like SHIT i
hope she don't come over here and she never did (thankgod)
anywayz dan's lil brother came out and i said he follows u
just like jenna huh and he was like Duh and i go DON'T get
freash with me and then we see danna comming on the bike
and i was like who invited him and lindssay goes i did and
i was like TIGHT lets have a party and then we were talking
out side with me,lindsay,danna,nicole,dan, and his lil
brother for an hole hour and then i was sk8ting in the
middle of the street and here comes a car and i left the
bored in the raod and the car went right over it i was like
screaming soo hard cause i thought that the car would have
stoped but it dident i was like ohh shit and after the car
went over it it stoped and i was like ohh SHIT but it
keeped going anywayz nicole was like come on amanda lets go
in side i was like y shegoes cause i don't want the cops to
come and i said the po po's hahahaha anywayz soo dan and
his brother went inside and soo did danna,lindsay,nicole
and me we all stayed in nicole house for 30 min and then we
went back out side to see if matt was here and he wasnt soo
we stayed out side a lil longer and the we sii chad and
eric we were like wuzzzzz up homie g'zzzzz and soo
me,lindsay,nicole,chad,eric,danna and jenna (Lil sis)
stayed and talked out side and i fell off the sk8te bored
right on my ass and well anywayz we cilled for 2 hours out
side then everyone had to go home and i was like nicole go
aske your mom if i can stay the night she was like ok soo
she did and she almost got her to say YES and then jenna
came in and said yes to what and she said for amanda to
stay the night and she started to cry and say NO grandpa is
taking her home now soo guess what happend i got takin home
and me,lindsay and nicole were SUPPOSED to be going to the
mall tommarow in the morning but now it can't happen all
cause of JENNA got i hate her well anywayz that my day a
living HELL.. but my birthday is on novemeber 30 soo this
friday well really it's on dec,2 but iam having it on the
30th it's going to be tight it's going to be at the
hillsbro hoop tight tight tight wel anywayz my hands really
really hurt soo iam going to bounce bizzzzz-ounce soo peace
if u want to send me feed back then email me at
[email protected] aight well buh bye