Book of Tears
2001-11-25 04:29:12 (UTC)

living in a dream? not another poem just an entry

no this isnt another poem. I love life now, its undeniable.
every since jessica as come into my life. Its been
wonderful. My once tumbling anvil, as been giving wings to
pull its self up. It like she brought about a change in my
life. When we started going out, my world was brought
together. family, friends, church, everything. Its like her
love triggered something around me. It was like after me
and her my season of despire and sadness was taken away. I
first realized this tonight. as i sat there (and ive always
said that i could get lost in her eyes)and tonight i think
i really did. i sat there and gazed at her and i couldnt
see or hear anything else. i know it sounds like something
youd hear in a movie(kinda like never been kissed) but im
soo serious. she was the only thing that mattered at that
moment(not that she dosent matter to me). it wasnt where we
were. it wasnt who was there. It wasnt what was playing on
the cd player. it was just me and her. I really love her,
theres not a doubt in my mind that says other wise. i adore
her in everyway. but im not obsesive and if you think i am
oh well. Ive discovered a treasure, and theres no way in
hell im going to lose it, at least with out a fight (lol).
i really dont know what to say anymore. This entry is so
off the wall. im just like ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Life is
good, all the time