Squeeb's world
2001-11-25 04:27:13 (UTC)

Bad Hair Day

K, JC-honey, we have to have a word about the hair. Please
leave the 'fro to Justy. It looked much better on him. Not
saying that you're not still gorgeous because you are but
honey, the chia-pet/Bohemian look is really not becoming on
you. Please either straighten the hair or cut it or
something. Or better yet, let me do it? Then I can run my
fingers through it...
Yes, I watched the N'SYNC special and hoo boy- I had a Kim
reaction like when she watched Brad Pitt on Friends last
night and promptly told me "I feel like I just had sex."
Thanks, nice to know. But anyways, so tonight who sings with
N'SYNC but the one man other than JC that makes me
absolutely quiver inside? Tim McGraw!!! That man is friggin
gorgeous but that's not even the half of it. I was fine and
then each member of N'SYNC started to sing a solo and I'm
like "Please help me Lord if Lance sings" and he did and I
had to chew on my pillow to keep from squealing because Kim
was sleeping and I think that was pretty close to a frickin
orgasm- hello gross I know but STILL!!! And Lance was soooo
frickin hot. JC would have been too if he got rid of the
chia-pet do.
My nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach has still
not calmed down. And I did tons of housecleaning AND watched
N'SYNC. It seriously scares me that something may be wrong.
That and the fact that I can count the number of sentences
Kim and I said to each other all day. Not that were fighting
or anything, far from it. She says she's tired. I'm afraid
something may be up and she's not telling me. I just wish
she'd talk to me. Doesn't she know she's my best friend in
this whole wide world and can tell me absolutely ANYTHING? I
love her for crying out loud!
K, enough of my insecurities- onto something more
pleasant. How much do I love my baby bro? He has to be THE
funniest guy on the face of the earth I swear. He called and
woke me up last night at like 10:30 and had me laughing so
hard that I almost peed my pants. Silly boy.
Anyways I should be off to bed to have some delectable
Triple-X rated dreams about N'SYNC and Tim McGraw. Toodles.

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