Teen life . . .
2001-03-28 15:19:20 (UTC)

just another day . . .

well, again, we just got done taking these dumb tests, and
i don't know why i can't quit thinking bout what i am, but
as i said yesterday, i have never had something like that
before. i really actually wonder if anyone reads my
stuff. . . maybe you could write somethin to let me know if
anyone reads my stuff, i just don't know what to do and i
can't understand why half of the people do what they do in
the 90's. why do people make fun of other people, why do we
tell our children not to cuss, and then cuss infront of
them??? why do we tell our kids not to hit, then
husbands/wives hit their wives/husbands. well, i gotta
switch classes again, so i'll update this later. please let
me know somehow that someone reads this, i think it's the
coolest thing to vent and let everyone know that there is
someone else that thinks like them. later . . .