My problems.
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2001-11-25 04:13:30 (UTC)

Why? Why after everything was..


Why after everything was perfect did I have to go and
screw it up? I was having a really good time with
Angela today and after we were done I had to go and
open my big fat mouth. I had to start asking questions
about why we broke up and stuff and even after she told
me to stop I went on? I feel like such a complete
asshole. Even though I care about her so much I still
screw it up by making her upset. Why am I so stupid? I
dunno, but I have to live with that now, I have to live with
nowing that I hurt her feelings today; and now I feel like

So I've decided to write a poem.... I hope its not bad

I am such an asshole,
The biggest one of all.
I care about her so much
And I act like I don't care at all.
Even after shes told me to stop
I continue on.
Why must I be such a fool?
I hurt her feelings
And made her feel like crap
And inside its eating me
Eating me on the inside.
Its even worse knowing
That everything I tell her
Turns out true.
It makes me feel worse
And turns me blue.
I shiver
I shake
I feel like crap
But I also feel good
Nowing we had fun
Before I started acting like an ass.
I can tell she had some fun
But in the end
I screwed it up.
And i'm dumb
Dumb for hurting her
Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb!
I know it hurts
And I'm so sorry.
So, so, so, so Sorry.


So anyways Angela if your reading this, I am really, truly
sorry and I hope you can forgive me.

Tommarow I have to watch a movie on TV at 8. "It's a
Wonderful Life." I am really looking foward to see it
because I've never seen it before and Angela told me I
HAVE to watch it. So I'm gonna.

It's sad to know that she likes someone else and that it
hurts her that I like her. What the heck am I gonna do?
Time will only tell, until then.... I'll live my life as I can.