My Life
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2001-11-24 00:40:44 (UTC)


Had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I went to Terry's parents
house, met the rest of his family, all very nice and made
me feel welcome. We had a nice dinner, and I helped clean
up after in the kitchen. I like his Mom, we get a long
well. Then we went to my Aunt and Uncle's and had a
wonderful time! It was so nice to be able to enjoy myself,
not feel like I had to babysit, not worry he'd say or do
something dumb, not be afraid he'd drink too much. Sounds
funny but it's true. He was a little shy but did well on
his own with my family, he even told a joke after dinner,
everyone seemed to like him, they thought he was cute. It
is important that he's liked but the more time I spend with
him, the more I like him too. We had to drive back to his
mom's and then I drove home. He asked if I wanted to get
together today, which kind of surprised me, not used to
having someone who wants to spend all this time with me.
But I like it. I had to work half day and was going to go
over to his house after, we were going to watch movies and
drink wine. But I got this head cold and i'm feeling bad
today. We'll try tomorrow.

The farmer gave me a Thanksgiving e-card and nice email. He
said he'll be coming through town here next Wednesday,
going to a tax seminar and he'd like to see me. I'm almost
at the point where i'm not sure I should because of Terry
but we're not committed or anything so I just may see him
see what happens. I do feel differently about the farmer

Christmas season has begun, bought some cards today and I'm
going to work on them this weekend.

Had a call yesterday from my ex-boyfriend's neice (she's
grown) and my only contact with the ex. I couldn't talk
because I was running late getting to Terry's, but she just
wanted to keep talking. I tried to politely tell her, but I
swear, i had to tell her about 4 times, I'm sorry, I have
to go. I almost don't want to talk to her now because she
brings up bad memories and she likes to gossip about him. I
told her if she saw him to tell him that I still hope the
best for him. But I'm not sure I want to know what's going
on with him anymore. I've put it behind me and I don't want
to go there again. And it still hurts me when I see that
he's still in trouble, in his life, it'll maybe never
change because he's lost.

I'm going back to bed now and taking care of me.