hello kitty cat
2001-11-24 00:20:49 (UTC)

here's to the atom bomb

So I had a really great Thanksgiving. Jason was
raelly's great that my Dad acts pretty normal
around him...Sara and Dad are so great made me
so happy to see them together. I'm just sitting here
There is so much instore for me...

I'm sitting here at 6:00...thinking about Jason...He's at
work. It's funny because before I HAD to be out of the
house ALL the stay sane. I've taken a hard look at
the atmosphere I've created for myself. I've been pretty
naive. I've separated myself from a lot of the bad in my
life. My friends..."friends"...well ...I've come to some
realizations about them too.
A hole in the wall.
They might not have been who I've made them out to be. I
don't know. I've just thought a lot about it. Paul can't
even acknowledge the fact that I'm happy..he's separated
himself from me because he can't look at anything from my
point of view..and still he acts as if I'm this terrible
lost little puppy in search of loving from the great all
mighty Paul..when really I have everything I need. That is
a perfect example of all my friends..they act like they
care..but the question they really???
Joselin and Sam just showed up out of the blue...I will
write more later.