Life in the Making
2001-11-23 23:42:18 (UTC)


I liked thanksgiving this year. I wasn't with my family,
but who I was with was close enough. I went to David's for
dinner. I arrived about noon and his family (aunt, uncle,
and grandmother) arrived at one. I was afriad to go meet
them at first. David tried to pull and push me out of his
room, but I was fighting back. So he fianlly took my arms,
wrapped them around his neck, and carried me out into the
living room on his back, all the while I was squirming to
get down. They all laughed when they saw us come in. I
laughed too, and introduced myself. I really like his
family. They are really nice people. His dad cooked
everything there. So much food.... it was unbelievable. I
didn't eat a whole lot, though. I never eat anymore and
besides... I didn't want to seem like a pig. All the food
was fantastic. His dad really knows how to cook. I talked
with his aunt for the most part, telling her how fucked up
my life is/was. We also descused what I wanted to do in the
future. His aunt always made mention that when/if I go to
UCLA, David would have to go with me. She was saying it as
if we are goging to get married. ..... Do they suspect???
LOL. That would be funny. Also, when everyone was leaving,
hsi uncle wakled up to me and said "Welcome to the family"
as if we were already married. I think his family likes
me. :) That's good. It's good to stay on my family-in-
laws good side. David showed his swords and daggers for a
bit, he snuggled up on the balcony and listened to the
adults talk, and then at dinner, he didn't grab a plate, so
I put strawberries on mine, and fed them to him. I mouth "I
love you," to him while at the table, and I was surprised
when he mouthed "I love you, too." He's usualy not open
like that in front of his family. My heart just fluttered.
I mean, what if someone at the table had caught that? I'm
sure someone had to have. I didn't bug him about eating. I
had promised not to. Also, they made reference to me and
David being alone in his room. ABout how they didn't want
to come say Hi to us when we were in there because they had
no idea what we would be doing. Me and David are pretty
sure his dad knows what we do when we're alone. What can we
do? If they ever ask me I won't lie. I'll either plead the
5th or tell the truth. Depends if David is there with me or
not. I want them to know how we feel about eachother, but
not right now. Maybe when they question it. But I don't
want David to lie about it. If his parents ever ask him how
he really feels about me, I want him to tell the truth.
It's better then a lie.