mad cow disease
2001-11-23 23:37:31 (UTC)


For those whom have read Haras's journal entry, I couldn't
agree more. The fruit flies are not a band. Maybe someday
we will become one....but for now, the fruit flies are
nothing but a group of three girls w/ a cute nickname for
themselves...and a web site.

Now that I've let that's back to my, "oh so exciting" life. You never realize how
much you relie on your legs until you can't use one..
seriously, like getting up to go to the bathroom, or
running downstairs to get the phone.(because who knows who
may be calling you) Not that I'm bitter, I am so happy to
be alive.. but I'm thinking that being in a car wreck makes
you think like that...I appreciate my life, no matter how
dull it is at the moment, or how much schoolwork I have to
make up. I am alive!