Squeeb's world
2001-11-23 23:31:16 (UTC)

Damn me and my worrywart tendencies

So today on the news I heard that four young adults near my
home drowned in a car wreck. They didn't release names so of
course I panicked, imagining the worst possible scenario:
cousins, friends, whatever. So I called home and Mom knew
right away what it was about. It was kinda comical.
Fortunately it wasn't anybody I knew. But I'm still in a
jittery state and Kim just came back from 4 hours at the
library and hasn't barely said one word to me. Yeah, it's
most likely that she's tired. But you know me, I tend to
jump to conclusions. That and I tried calling Jess again
and all I get is that that number is no longer in service. I
am really starting to worry about her. I swear, at this
rate, I will have an ulcer by the age of 26. Anyhoo, must
get back to schoolwork. Yeah schoolwork on a Friday night-
how quaint! At least there's an N'SYNC special on later to
look forward to. Yeehah! later skater!

Current mood: on pins and needles
Current music: "Girlfriend": N'SYNC