Trixie Dust

Trixies in the Wind
2001-11-23 23:05:15 (UTC)

:) hey everyone

Hi. Im basically writing to pass time before I write matt
back... gosh that guy is so awesome. He sent me the
SWEETEST email. He always does. Im sitting here,
speechless. I dunno what to say, except like, awwh, and I
love you, and I miss you too. Thats the lameness that is
me. Damn internet. You cant kiss prople over the
internet, and it sucks. *LMAO at all the people I just
grossed out with that statement* I got to talk to him
pretty much all night. :-D Okay, it wasnt, but like,
yeah. He called and we talked for like an hour. It was
sooo cool. I like talking to my matt. Its fun. And Im
getting to the point where Im like, matt this, matt that.
Im waiting for my family to backhand me. lol. No,
really. I am. That and I led us in the wrong direction
trying to get to the mall. Lol. But i got us there. Lol.

Yeah. I got my ear pierced, at the top and stuff. And I
guess theres like a big family conflict now or something.
Thats what i get for taking a nap. Lol.

Well, I love matt, and yeah.


Loves ya matt, marie, huggles- all you guys