Zone of Misfortune
2001-11-23 22:38:08 (UTC)

Giving of the Thanks=hollow

So...i wrote this thing about my wasteful thanksgiving
experience and went to watch the simpsons, only to return
to finish and find my sister had restarted the computer,
therefore forfeiting all literary progress i had

so, following is a summerized versoin of the said deleted
paragraphs. Thanksgiving was bland and mediocre at best
this year. I droned in the car to the styling of the
offspring, orgy, and live while traveling the 3 hours to my
aunt's new estate where i met her husbands talkative
family. The rest of the eveing consisted of my pupils and
body glued to the television for the 8 hour SNL marathon.

Then, an hour ride to grandmother Fleming's, where a half
inflated mattress greated my thankless holidaze, (terrible,
terrible pun) with insufficient lining. I awoke to pain in
my throat that made vomit sound quite nice as it would have
damped the stinging for seconds. the rest of the day
sucked, simple as that, and now i am here, babysitting on
my parent's 11th wedding anniversary, which i actually do
not mind at all.

Besides the above, the only other thing begat from the
turkey festival was a weeks leave of the daily grind of
school. Using this wisely isn't on my list of things to
accomplish, since there is no list and boredom will once
again become a tool of the weekend. still carless, i often
ponder what use i would do with it anyway...I guess guitar
lessons would be back in order and i could drive to school
again...but besides that, i would only miss the excuse to
blame social and personal problems on this simple

Better end this soon, sister might fool with the fuses or
acquaint herself with an outlet, causing this to once again
to be lost as mindless drivel no more than 3 people will
ever read anyway. So, my well wisher the simpsons comes on
in 15 minutes, ample time for me to eat the cheese steak at



she has created the game
jargon-based virus-laced
always the insane

systems of numbers
consuming the others
she will explain...