even elizabeth hurley goes to the loo
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2001-11-23 22:35:01 (UTC)

i don't want to talk to you anymore

so.. day fter thanksgiving.. im at m ydads house, and its
really cold... like super cold... 62 inside... im looking at
a picture jooselin drew for me, its so nice.. so i think
this is thwe longest ive been away from my friends, in
recent times, and i think im doing pretty well.. i came t o
the realization, before i left, that my friends are more
like a family, we function as more of a family than as a
group of friensd. and that is why we are so dependant on
eachother... really, is weirds me out to not be able to pick
uip the phone and talk to them, or like, wake up to a phone
call of "we'll be there in 20 minutes", or.. i don't know,
its so cold here, an d i was like, if only i havd some
peoeple to sit betwwen, next to, ont op of, then id b e not
cold, and things would be better.. im reading thi sbook, me
and joselin are, zena dn teh at of motorcycle matanence, and
i don't think il ike it very much, but i tink that its
affected joselin profoundly... like, when she was first
reading it, shehe would tell m,e baou tit, and talk about
things striahgt form the book, and i thnk that shses,
really... tkaing ahold o f the concepts in the book.. i
think its pretentious.. it ike, look at me, im full of
philosophy and i'm goign to tell you how important it is...
i'll finish it hotugh, and se e how it ends up then.. i bet
the dude has some valid points, and maybe i only think they
are pretentious because i cannot grasp them... we'll see i
guess.. m fingers are so cold from typing...i got here and i
guess, i just crashed.... i got kinda really sick, ad slept
for a long time, and last night i dreamt, odd dreams, but..
i had dreams... sometimes when i dream, the settings are
famliar, like, i dream about thsoe places alot, or maybe hte
just remind me of places ive dreamed about.. its odd.. but
im glad im dreaming.. and i looked at alot of pictures of my
friends, and joselin loks so muc better with her hair
short, and sam needs some sleep and about 20 lbs, i wish
ther was something i could do to help him.. hes all skinny
and pale... i htink he needs tot alkt baou tit, what it is,
i have no idea, but... maybe we'll sit down and hash it out
one time... and kelly... i don'; know.. she looked very
kellyish, im glad shes with jason though, casuse i think
that .. i don';t knwo what it hnk, but, i wonder how their
thanksgiving went... alex i talked to online, and shes in ny
and im so happy for her, i really am... i odn' tknow.. dad
needs the computer and my fingers are so fucking cold...