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2001-11-23 22:09:20 (UTC)

The mall...

Well today I went to the mall with my step-sister. I got a
new superman hat, it is so cool. Yesterday I got a
superman toy, i don't know why i got a toy, i just wanted
it. My dad is getting mad at me for liking superman so
much, he says it is childish, but i am a child. Yea, i am
16 years old, but i am still a child. Dani comes home
tomorrow, i can't wait. Thanksgiving sucked for me
yesterday. The food wasn't as good as i thought it was
going to be. I would rather be at school than on break.
It has been so boring. Hopefully my dad will sell his bar
soon and I can get my license and a life to go along with
it. Well i have to go now. I don't have anything else to
write. bye

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