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2001-11-23 21:28:32 (UTC)


If I make (if its possible) even more spelling mistakes
today then mormaly that is because Im a litte blit drunk...
Hihi, silly me is drinking white wine mixed with fanta
lemon cuz I dont like the taste.
But Ive been drinking bad things before, last time it was
cola light with red wine, iiiiiiiiiiha.
Pleace dont juge me for this, normaly Im drinking the good
stuff like cider, or sprite (I hate beer)

Ally called me, I dont have to come before 11.30 tomorow,
thts better.
So from 11.30 til 14.30 on Sunday all my attention goes to
my sweet litte godson and my princess.
I've brouht candy for them, I cant wait to see them angen.
We`re neightbours, but I dont remember last time I sow
them, Im so bussy.
My life is great, but Im mising out on some good stuff to,
like seeing my godson grow up, like I did to mye litte

Matt called me two minutes ago, he is coming in to town and
we gonna go to The Music Club together.
I just wanna dance and forget everything, this day has been
a mess.
I fealt asleep at dinner time, so my miother would`t
understand that I was missing dinner at purpose, when I
woke up I felt realy ugly.
It was like I had no cool clothes to wear, that I was the
uglyest person on earth, fat and ugly.
But Im feeling better now, not perfect, but stil better.
This weekend is to perfect to think about stuff like that.
But now I have to go, I cant think Im so drunk, hihi, Ill
have to look over for spelling mistakes later.

Have a cool night!