My Life.............
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2001-11-23 21:21:39 (UTC)


I got a letter from Cory today, he has 2 options, he can
have another trial date, and hope the jury finds him
innocent or he could say he is guilty and do another 18
months in prison, he asked me what i think, i want him home
as soon as possible, so, im thinking the 18 months would be
better, but, if he got another trial he could be home
sooner, but, with the trial he could be found guilty again.:
( i dont know what to tell him, if he takes the 18 months
it will be on his record, he doesnt want that, and neither
do i, but, im so afraid the jury will find him guilty and
he will have to stay in there forever and we will never be
together..:( its his choice of course, and i know if i told
him to take the 18 months he would, ill have to write him
back and tell him what i think.......... damn, i wish i
could look into the future and see what would happen if he
picked the trial..:( ohhhhhhh, this is driving me nuts!! i
can just imagine how he feels!:(

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