Life is like a bowl of Cherries
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2001-11-23 21:01:30 (UTC)

So I haven t written in this in..

So I haven't written in this in a long time. Shelli and
Rebecca brought that to my attention yesturday at
thanksgiving, which by the way, was very good. I ate SOO
much! it was a lot of fun and family fellowship .. aww.. :)

anyways, I'm getting baptized on sunday December 2nd. :)
and also, "This is your time" is this sunday, the 25th. its
gonna be good. :)

I did get a part in the Southeast Easter Pageant, I'm the
deaf girl. heh, its gonna be fun.

I talked to a really cool guy named Ryan last night. :) heh
anyways.. Well, I'm gonna do some deeper entries, so I'll
end this one. Have a wonderful day,