Chapter One: The Evil Within
2001-11-23 20:59:18 (UTC)

(no subject)

So, did everyone have a good thanksgiving? Lots of
turkey? Yumm *gag gag* I hope everyone had fun!

I got to do a skit today, for davids class, its was fun,
i was an annoying secretary, and will was a police officer!
its was so great!

I start my job today with my mommi! yay! I dont know if
its going to be all that great, but it gives me $ and i
need that for my moms and darrens gifts, cause they are
both just over 40$ (dont tell them) and there is this dress
i want, and i know it is going to be gone after christmas
time, so i need to get that, if i want it for the ball, ya

okay well thats all for now! ta ta