My Boring Life
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2001-11-23 20:36:17 (UTC)


Hmm...The day after Thanksgiving. I drove on the freeway!
WHoohoo!! I like going fast. I'm gonna have to get my self
a kickin car to drive. Hmm...what kinda car do I Mustang? Corvet? no, those are ugly. LOL I
Dunno. But hey, it's somthing to think about...

I had a blast at Chris's mom's house. They are all so nice!
I love his puppy! It's cute! hehe. He's lucky. Him and his
sis got water beds, got TV's and got VCR's. I don't even
have a tv in my room! Chris has DC too. Ugh. He's lucky. I
wanna go live with him! lol. For reasons other than that as
well, but we need to keep all that hush hush for the time
being. I feel bad that I didn't say much all night, but
that's just how I am around people I've never met before.
Not really my fault, hehe. We had awesome chilli. Was a lot
like the stuff my dad makes. Sooo yummy! and then we all
watched a Movie. It was cute. His little sis is all trying
to get me to lay my head on his shoulder. And she's going
out with Eric (He was there too). But she wouldn't even sit
like, right next to him. Not me ;) I'm not like that. lol.
I like being "In" his arms. I like that feeling. It's a
nice feeling. All happy and warm

Well besides that, I went shopping all over this morning.
Didn't find anything too good. Well, almost nothing. I
bought a book. The Lord of the Rings. I'm gonna start
reading it too. I like those fantasy books, they're fun!
Lol. well I'm gonna go I think, Tired and I gotta go drive
with the instructor in a bit. Lates!