2001-11-23 20:13:57 (UTC)

Ah sweet irony...

so, about that Jessica chick I care so much about? I
decided the best way to show her how I felt was to fuck
someone else. od I just don't want to wite this shit it all
wants to come out as stream of conciousness don;t stop
don sorry need to put on more feelbad but i love it tunes
now continue so here pain lust love stuff it hurts it hurts
that she doesn't come anymore that the fragility the
rigidity against my touch what have i done? to close her
off forever now i can't get to anyone closed off all doors
all doors shut tome so now i wander down these long halls
resting only to choke back silence i feel dizzy as i spin
endlessly down with noone here to oshow me how or why.
sometimes time isn't enough, it's way too much and so i
ramble on and over fall over fall and winter wonder why
slowly die and fall away from some shell mabey
metamorphosis awaits?!