Mind of a Wierdo
2001-11-23 19:41:16 (UTC)

Life is NOT easy!

Life life life ....... well first let me say HAPPY
THANKSGIVING for those who actually read my die-ary ...
whether I kno you or not. I dont get much feedback so i
suspect i get barely any readers. Well I kno that TIMMY and
KITTY read them when they get the chance so I am okay
there. Anyways ........ everything seems to be downhill for
now. Chris and I fight more constantly lately and it is
always over the same reasons. Sometimes he gets things off
his chest about the way that he doesnt like some of the
things I do. I feel bad about it but just because he told
me doesnt mean that I am going to change. I am who I am and
nobody can change that. I just dont kno what to do. And
when I listen to the radio and some sad ... depressing song
comes on ...... i begin to get gloomy and down and well I
think I will leave the last describing word out. I am
trying not to think ""s*&#[email protected]"" any more. Okay lets put it
this way ...... I want to live but than again I dont. That
is the easiest way to put it. Basically that is all that
seems to be downhill. Wait ..... I lied ......... my
parents and school. Hahahaa. That just isnt new to me. That
always seemed to be that way. Other then that I myself cant
be any worse. I live through each day ....... I am still
here. So that is pretty much it. I would like to rant on
about how everything is but I will leave that to next
time ...... till then ..... take care.