Kevin's Thoughts
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2001-11-23 18:35:01 (UTC)

Friday, The Day After Thanksgiving

Aye, this is Kevin of course. I'm here to talk about my sad
and un interesting life. Yesterday(Thanksgiving) wasn't
that bad of a day. My brother and his sister in law came
over to my dorm for thanks giving. Boy that gurl can cook
some sexy cherry lemon pie I'm tellin' ya. I ate enough
calories over turkey day to turn into free willy.

I woke up this morning and was still full from yesterday,
even then I still decided to go out for breakfast. I went
down to the local corner restaurant and had me the Country
Breakfast. Country breakfast consists of 2 eggs, potatoes,
toast (I had cinammin toast), bacon, and sausage. Had my
usual French Vanilla cappichino. It was all good.

Watched some videos on BET, Busta Rhymes really gots it
goin' on. Saw N'Sync this morning on the morning show. No
Comment. After watching tv this morning I played some
Aggervation with my friend Scott. For those of you that
don't know, aggervation is a board game. I won of course.
Morning has been basically boring, went and ate some more
of that Cherry Lemon pie of my brother's girlfriend. MmMm
good stuff. Well not much left to say expect that I've
decided to start a website and I hope it all gets awesome
and every1 loves it.

Guess I'm gonna sign out now. Later.

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