thouhgts of Sam
2001-11-23 18:20:42 (UTC)


Sorry about that journal fans, I have been really busy as
of late, I have been working hard. Not to mention I have a
certin someone who has been getting almost all of my
attention as of late. On that subject things are going
great, sorta. It's kind of hard to explain, but I'm gonna
try. I really really really like her, but I dont know how
to tell her, I cant just come out and say "Joselin, I have
fallen for you." That's just not me, I hate being forward
about those types of things, and I fear because of that she
has some deep worry. I dont even know how to adress it, I
wish I could just let her know that everything WILL BE OK.
And that I care for her more than she will ever know right
now. I dont know maybe I just suck. It was so great
lastnight I fell asleep in her arms on the couch and that
was the first time I had slept in 4 days. And then on the
way home from taking her home I continued to look over in
my passanger seat for her, I hate being so far away from
her. Man this sucks, working and all, at least I still get
to see her. (Sigh) I feel so wonderful and happy, I just
seem to see the good in all things right now, I mean I love
this feeling. Having someone to care for me it's so great,
and that's why I love my joselin!