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2001-11-23 17:53:22 (UTC)

Basketball Hell

Wow. Just got back from first day of basketball girls
barsity tryouts. Our team is top in shore or something, so
we've got a pretty tough system. It started at 8am and
ended around 11:45am. We have the same thing tomorrow. I
got jersey #27, and I wasn't completely awesome cuz I kind
of held back but mainly cuz I havent touched a basketball
since July and because I didnt want to completely tire
myself out before the end of practice....cuz thats wen we
finish off with sprinting and races......which believe me,

So I was pretty good though, have a spot on the team, I can
tell you that much....whether or not I ampicked to go to FL
is another story. Umm....I saw the back of Brad going into
the gym as we were leaving, because boys Varsity tryouts
started when ours ended. Damn....we had to go to Mc D's,
and I really wanted to watch him play....I will one day. Me
and Britt were like attached at practice, and Kristen
English...I never realized how fast she was. I think she
should get a starting spot over me, because I honestly
think she is a better player and would help the program
more than I would. But, we'll see what happens.

I feel like my legs are gonna fall off any second. Mr Gibb
is the coolest JV coach, i luv him. He's so funny! We were
doing arm stretches and he is walking around the circle and
puts his whole hand around my arm and shakes his head and
goes...."Shanen....we need to send you to the weightroom!"
and we all like died laughing, cuz they say I have no
muscles and I'm extremely thin and only 5'5", but that I'm
speedy, can handle the ball well, and pretty....fiesty?
Yes, my non-strong self can definately beat the crap outta
almost anyone 2x my size, dont know why exactly. So
anyways, we went to McD's after practice, and I saw Marisa
working and she looks so cute in her uniform, haha. Maybe
not the uniform, just the weird "Is it over yet??/" kinda
faces she was sending me.

Havent talked to Joe in awhile, hope we get in touch very
soon, I miss him.

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