Death's Shadow

Lasciate Ogni Speranza Voi Chien Trate
2001-11-23 17:20:19 (UTC)

dum dum dum de de dum

I have to go eat lunch with my grandfather today. He can be
so boring... But he is the best of all my grandparents
since he do not try to be too nice to me or try to hug me.
I hate it when relatives that I do not know very well try to
hug me; it drives me crazy. On thanksgiving I barely
survived through the greetings and need-less to say the
goodbyes. Too many people for one day, I can fell the
stress of being near them building up.
Here is a quick glance at my family that came:
Two cousins:both are whores I believe, they also work at
One Grandmother:Bad health; complains about it all the time.
Recently almost died in hospital. She
wanted to die but the people would not let
her; damn you doctors!!
One grandfather:Used to be an airplane piolet. Now just
babysits my grandmother...
One Aunt:A idiot here, adores hugs *wince* and
absolutly thinks I am the cutes and sweetest
kid she knows. Still acts as if I where two
One Uncle:Used to do TaeKwon-Do, now does kickboxing.
It is nice to see him since he can help me
with my TaeKwon Do forms and all.

So there is my quick review of my relatives that came for
thanksgiving. Wish they would go far far away soon so I do
not have to see them again. I am quite content sitting at
my computer all day without them saying every five minutes
"What are you doing?" I gave up after a while though. I
don't think they want to meet my dark side yet...I am a
gothic person yah know. But I wear colors *gag* when they
are here. Sometimes I am forced to wear white *drops dead
on site* G