My Secret Place
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2001-11-23 16:45:53 (UTC)

This is the first day.......

Hey all. If anyone is reading this that is. Today is jsut
like any other. Major let downs, and people are going to
get mad at me. I have some major editing to do for a TV
project I'm doing, and guess what I CANT GET INTO THE
BUILDING!! So I got up at 6:30 to take the bus 45 min. to
school for what? To pay for breatfast and not even get a
good soda, it was flat as fuck. Then on the way home I was
listenting to a Blink 182 compelation that was put together
by a friend for me. I got stuck on this one track "Can't
Forgive, Can't Forget." As I listened to it I drew so much
from it. Its basically my life as of this point. And to top
it all off, i feel that I hate certain aspects of my life.
Like I DONT FUCKING HAVE ONE! Work, school, work school,
work, school, and if i can Sleep. Tho it wouldnt matter
much, Im a total social misfit. Barely anyone agrees with
the way I am. My attitude, cynicizm, the way a present
myself. So maybe its for the better. Well I hope you
enjoyed this first post, if you dare wait for next post
sometime tommorow.