The Trials and Tribulations of Ronnie J.
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2001-11-23 16:37:41 (UTC)

Octber 31,2001 ( Halloween )

It was Halloween I finally died my hair blonde. Was going
to do it black but i thought it would be kool to try
somethng else for a change....Also I wanted to die it so
Lukasz would notice me better.....The whole day was oring
until Chrisitne and I got to Little Leos where Peter was.
It was good atlease we had some people to chill
with..Right?.. Um a little after that Lukasz showed up.
That was ausome I was so happy.. Peter was dressed ina
monkey costume. HE kpt on going out n the middle of the
road in front of cars. It was great....After hat wewent
infront of hrisitns gotmd high with Lukasz..Threw Some eggs
and was out for the night..That was my Halloween...Bye