The Trials and Tribulations of Ronnie J.
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2001-11-23 16:30:02 (UTC)

October 30,2001 ( Goosie Night )

UM tonight was goosie night, Chrisitne and I go together
and chilled. Shee was drinking, but I didnt want to. We
were so bored that we even went on top of Foodtowns roof.
We had mad eggs but we really didnt throw them at anyone..
Dont ask why..? We just didnt...Instead we went to g see
who was down by the river.We heard that Peter a other
people were there but it turned out to be the polish
punks...They were tossng eggs at cars from the river. When
Christine and I had noticed that noone was there we left.
When we were on or way home we got stopped by the police.
He asked us what we were doing down there, and i said
nothing jut hanging. He didnt belive us so he go out eggs
and bombed us with them..He put somein my pants an crushed
them..And the same for Chrisitne, but only in her
shirt........Well that wa our goosie night...