My Boring Messed Up Life
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2001-11-23 15:40:55 (UTC)

Hey Hey~ Last night I actually..

Hey Hey~
Last night I actually stayed on til 2 cuz after I said I
was gonna go to sleep Curtis got on and I HAD to talk to
him. I think I'm starting to like him again. I would have
talked to him longer, but my dad made me get off the
computer. I hope he gets on today. Anyways enough about
dumb boys. I havent talked to Heather since Wednesday. I
think she went to Kurt's for Thanksgiving. I'm sure when I
do talk to her that's all she will talk about so I'm not in
a real big hurry. Anyways what I really don't understand
is...... She broke up with Ryan and said he was too clingy,
but her and Kurt are together way more then her and Ryan.
And Ryan is such a sweet guy I don't know why she didn't
like him. Probably because he wouldn't do stuff her like
Kurt does. She does like to brag about that a lot... "Me
and Kurt made out for 7 hours", "He took a feild trip up
north"....It's so dumb, next she'll be bragging about how
they had sex. Well gotta go
Later Gator

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