Journey to Me
2001-11-23 15:21:00 (UTC)


So had all our thanksgiving celebrations yesterday. it was
pretty good all in all. cooked with mom yesterday morning,
then went to ron's mom's for lunch. jeff came along and i
was glad. i love seeing him. jeff and i then went to his
mom's house and ate. we we're both tired after that, but i
had to go to my aunts and eat supper there. jeff decided to
go on home, and i went to judy's. had a good time there
too, catching up with everybody, and eating yet again. then
Hannah and i came back here to watch friends at 8, and jeff
stopped by. wow, i was ganna get to see him a little more
and spend some quality time with him, but then he got mad
that i thought brad pitt was cute and it was such a stupid
arguement it's not even worth talking about. anyway, he
left mad, then called back and hung up mad, and i went to
sleep mad. but whatever, hopeful everything will be ok
today, later!

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