Damsel in Distress

2001-11-23 13:53:30 (UTC)


well, i just wrote phuck cuz i couldnt think of an entry
title. T and i are close friends and i hope more comes. i
love him with all my heart. another confliction is that he
is african american and i am white...its not an issue for
me...i just see his inner beauty looks are nothing for me.
the problem is my family is from illinois suburbs and
kentucky its hard they are very racist. it really sucks. if
i have to choose between my family and T that is an easy
choice for me...T. i love him so much that i would die for
him...i know that might sound bad but i love him and cannot
live without him. if someone were to shoot a gun at us i
would step in front of him...dont tell me i dont love him
or that im too young to know what love is. i have never
said i love you to anyone else in my entire life. i love
him and im not intending on losing him, but if i lose him
as a bf and we remain friends life will go on and i might
compare other guys to him, but i can live without him...i
just prefer not to. i have a healthy love for him.
-damsel in distress