.Scream Your Dream.

Emo Violence
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2001-11-23 13:51:12 (UTC)


i really like that song from tenacious d, its pretty cool.
it even has some synth in it.
ive decided for my freinds, this year im gonna make cool
mix tapes, like 40 min tapes for everyone, so im gonna go
get some short tapes and make a perfect master, with
somthin like
get up kids
saves the day
the new amsterdams
jimmy eat world
geggy teh
ridel high
rival schools
alk 3
maybe some 80s or enya too

then ill make a speial one for will with daft punk and
stuff, maybe another for jarred with straight screamo,
thrusday ect.

otherways, im pretty tired, thanksgiving was ok, sorta a
downer about the whole grandmom thing, but we took shifts
at the hospitol and still ate some turkey ect. i went to
bed early tonight but i guess my alarm was set cause my
radio came on at 6am, durn. so i never got back to sleep,
thats why im online at 8:30 in the morn. haha.

im excited about the show tonight, it should be cool, im
working the door which is always fun, i enjoy it, and zac
is hookin me up with a cd of junior before its even gettin
pressed. so thats pretty neat, he told me im thanked on it,
which is always cool.

i think john hess and us are gonna make heart core shirts,
wiht the Xed heart on the front left breast adn then on the
back a Big Heart Core design and "Cross your heart and hope
to die" and maybe Blood Sweat and Tears on it underneath
everything else.

im so down with john bein all siked about heart core, first
of all its cool that we got some boys in to it and second
im gettin bad vibes about it from alyssa liek she doesnt
want to work for it, so its cool that john is down

boy crazy is a cool song by NFG.

so i was readin about the y100 contest for saves the day
and all, i think its a good idea, if we win to ask them to
do it a the upstairs legion, i think thats so much more
logical then some place in philly. we'd still go it just
wouldnt be as cool.

so i listed some ebay auctions and they arnt gettin bids,
damn mabye i'll just be broke forever, haha, mom hooked me
up with some holiday cash. im gonna pay her back right
after we get our show out of the way. im gonna dock the
nov 30th show flyer and put some can drive info on it, and

i gots to make flyers today too, maybe if caitlyn wants to
go to west chester i can look for either of the STD

im listenin to a blood hound gang remix, its cheif. please
turn me on im mr coffee with an automatic drip.

emily and bec cant make it to the family party on saturday,
this si ok though, i dont wanna really be awkward or
pretentious around emily, she started me off in everything,
i owe her nothing but gratitude cause with out thsi whole
deal id be prolyl doin somthin a lot stupider.

oh and last night jim called out my flaws like no bodys
business. it was a good ego check, and im totally better
now. orinoco is the fuckin shit, enya you rule.