mind over malice

incoherent ramblings of a socially inept
2001-11-23 10:18:02 (UTC)

it's not so bad...

well i talked to joe, phil and donna. things aren't so bad.
i've made donna sad, which makes me sad because she's a
lovely, lovely person; joe just thinks i should try to be
more like myself on the board etc, but i can't really see
that happening; phil just thought i was a pillock, but
didn't seemed too worried.

so things are a bit better. it's only ross and dave that
i'm concerned about. i hope it all blows over. i do some
really fucking stupid things, but i hope that they realise
that i don't do it with malice...

so... my new song. gah. i'm stuck. it doesn't sound too hot
actually. i'm not particularly happy with it. but i'm going
to stick it out until i finish it. hopefully it'll sound
better when it's done. i've had an idea of using jesse's
artwork for a possible cd cover, which would be amazing,
because she's a brilliant artist.

suzy is feeling a lot better, which makes me very happy
indeed. i hope that when she is not feeling 100% that i can
help, in the way that she helps me when i'm not 100%.

but speaking of me, well i'm feeling a lot better!!! i
don't know what it is (okay yeah it's paroxetine) but it's
definitely worked.

woooo i ordered meshuggah albums from their website a
couple of days ago! that makes me happy. i love 'em. but
speaking of music, i haven't really listened to much
recently. i've been listening to king crimson, but that's
about it... and king crimson rawk! hehe..

joe makes me feel a lot better about myself. i hope that
he'll plug his phone back in soon.......

peace out muthas!! (errrr)