2001-03-28 06:34:05 (UTC)

Well this is the..

Well this is the beginning......

The first time I have written into a diary.
From a young age I thought that a diary was all about being
a feminist,, you know with all the girls squabbling over a
diary at lunch break when you were younger or the boyfriend
who couldn't keep his hands to himself (took a sneak

Its funny that I should feel like I should write a diary
especially a online one anyway( it sort of defeats the
object).. But I felt that stuff had to be written in order
to be heard so I thought this would be ideal for the

Well you see I'm at Washington state university studying
Marine and Freshwater Biology. I'm only on a years exchange
here from Aberystwyth university in Wales Uk and I thought
it would be a great experience at the time but... I noticed
how much the culture is different from that of the english
one with the American... What makes it more interesting is
the fact that I am actually japanese in origin.

Let me begin with the background...

I was born in England, Surrey to two young japanese couple
My father was brought over from Japan working for as a MD
for a electronics company. While my mother follwed him all
the way from Japan (Must have been love) Well, They decided
to stay here for pretty much 21 years and counting... they
haven't left yet.
My father is a strict but fair man and he loves his job and
golf (Tradtional japanese sport he says)He is a
traditionalist and often makes a point of the olden days to
today. My mother on the other hand is the most sweetest
women on the plant you will not find anyone more lovelier
(A exact opposite of my father makes you wonder how they
met?)They get along fine and they make the most typical
I also have one Brother and one sister.
My brother is a major sports finatic and does Karate and
plays footaball although the sport part of his brain is
developed his academic side needs a shot of adrenaline he
is currently 20.
My sister is now 14 a typical teenager with typical
teenager habits this year was the first time she got drunk
that was at new years and I don;t think she'll ever forget
it( neither will my mum after cleaning the mess
I'll call them by other identities my brother is "S" and
my sister "Sh" while my father is "N" and my mother "M"
I am now 21 I was brought up in Surrey
actually "Carshalton, Surrey" for those that know the place
in-between Kingston and Croydon
I went to a local school there with local kids and grew up
knowing the place pretty well. I went on to pass my 11
and go on to a selective high school.

I spent 5 great years at this school absorbing all the
educational and cultural opurtunities they were prepared to
offer. I remember the sking trips and the geography field
trips not to mention the first day at school and the
graduation ball right at the end. It was all good and
well, I feel those days went a bit too quick and I think
all my thoughts are prominent form graduation day

I will elaborate tommorow......