A goth's adventures in New Orleans
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2001-11-23 08:22:17 (UTC)

Dear Gods!!!

Now that was a strange day.....

R left the station I work at night a complete mess. No
backups, no nothing. When I tried to get him to actualy do
his job, he screamed something about done his 8 hours and
is going home. What an Asshole. Several people have
complained about this guy and he's been written up a couple
of times, but it doesn't seem to affect him. He just keeps
leaving us with a mess or no backups or burnt kettles.

So, it takes me a couple of hours of running around to try
and get things up to par, while we are extremly buisy.
About half an hour after I get everything cought up,
buisness dies. Did I mention that everything I
touched while I was trying to get cought up was destroyed
one way or another?

Anyway, after I got cought up, the rest of the night was
actualy fun.

Well, here's the fun part.... A couple of days ago, I
agreed to take a couple of extra shifts this weekend. Day
shifts, with R, me in charge. Heh, this is gonna be fun.
I get to show him EXACTLY how that line should be set up
for the night crew. This also means a HELL of a lot of
overtime!! It's gonna SUCK in reality, but financially, it
couldn't be a better time.

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