after bar
2001-11-23 08:07:33 (UTC)

on tuesday

on tuesday i made a plan to see chase after two months of
one unreturned phone call and just his name on the mailbox
above mine at work. one sighting, a blure of hat, glasses
and new leather coat coming in to sign his time card,
waving carelessly -- a gesture milan kundera would compare
to a man tossing a ball casually over his shoulder. i wore
spandex. desperate times, desperate measures and i was at
the ymca so i was still in dress code. he said, ''hi
ashley''like i had surprised and spandexed him into an
honest hearty lusty greeting.

later i met up with him at the bar, not knowing he'd be
there, failing when i saw him at the y b/c i had offended
his easily offended psyche. and as soon as i saw him i knew
he was saying ''game on. game back on. time in.'' two
minutes later and he likes the new photo of me. three
drinks later and i'm beautiful. ''i've heard that one
before,'' i said sarcastically. i had. from him and look
how it turned out. planned accidental meetings. ''not from
me,'' he said. ''actually, i have said that to you
before.'' and i said i know. ''you're interesting and
sweet.'' he said. ''that's a compliment. probably the best
one i've ever given you. and you're mean.'' pretty soon
the prattle of the other three people at the table was
nonexistant and we were in a conversation about what punta
means in spanish, how my favorite number is 17...we have so
much in common, i joked 17 and camel lights and he asked me
for a ride home.

and then there i am again on that couch and he's talking
low and sexy and i don't even know what he's saying, but it
was good and the next morning was good. drove him to his
car and asked him if he hated himself. he responded with
the question returned and i said no and he said he did. now
i've got chase on the brain again.